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Welcome to the mora bazaar!

We launch our new collection on Oct 4, 2013 at 8 p.m. IST on our Facebook page. For those who do not use facebook, you can access our Picasa album.

The schedule for our sales is as follows:
Date Time (IST) Particulars
Oct 4 8 p.m. Launch of dupattas, stoles and shawls
Oct 5 8 p.m. Booking of dupattas, stoles and shawls
Oct 6 8 p.m. Launch of kalyani and home furnishings
Oct 7 8 p.m. Booking of kalyani and home furnishings
Oct 8 8 p.m. Launch of sarees, mekhla chadors and kalidaars
Oct 9 8 p.m. Booking day 1 of sarees, mekhla chadors and kalidaars
Oct 10 8 p.m. Booking day 2 of sarees, mekhla chadors and kalidaars
Oct 11 8 p.m. mora 2013 final bookings day 1
Oct 12 8 p.m. mora 2013 final bookings day 2
Oct 13 8 p.m. mora 2013 final bookings day 3
Oct 14 8 p.m. End of mora 2013 sale

  1. The collection launches on Oct 4, 2013. Photographs of the collection will be posted on our Facebook page along with a Picasa link where rest of the collection of that category will be there. Also, there will be an online link where once you put in the desired code you will get the price of the same.
  2. Once the collection is launched on a certain date, no bookings will be taken for one whole day, nor will the emails be sent before the booking time starts. If you email during this time, you will receive an automated reply about the bookings for the next day with the link to find out the prices.
  3. The next day at 8 p.m. IST, the emails will be addressed in a chronological order. This is the time when everyone needs to be patient because I wish to address each and every email by myself. I ask for sincere apologies already for the ones that remain unanswered. Last year we had received over 10,000 emails in a single day. I will make every effort to try and answer to all within the time period shared.
  4. The bookings for a category will close as soon as we launch another category. eg. after the bookings for dupattas/ stoles/ shawls have been taken till Oct 6, 8 p.m. IST and the kalidaars have been launched, no further bookings for dupattas/ stoles/ shawls will be taken.
  5. Whatever is left of the category will be brought back on Oct 11 as the final day of sale. Last bookings of mora 2013 will be taken on Oct 14.
    Dupattas/shawls - INR. 7,800/- onwards
    Stoles - INR. 4,500/- onwards
    Kalidaars - INR. 33,000/- onwards
    Sarees - INR. 21,500/- onwards
    Home furnishings -INR. 23,500/- onwards
    Kalyani- 10,500/- onwards
    Mekhla chador- 21,500/- onwards
  7. Prices will not be mentioned with the products on the Facebook page and will be shared only through email via the online link we will share through the automated message..
  8. No retailers can buy moras for further retail. mora is for people who wish to wear their moras themselves, love their textiles and continue to share this bond with us for many more years.
  9. Once confirmed, in case you wish to cancel your booking, you will have 2 days to do so. Within this period, confirmation as well as payments procedure needs to be discussed and started. if we dont hear from you in 2 days after confirmation of order, then the mora will be put back for others to take home.
  10. We will try our best to keep updating information on the page from time to time, but a happy peaceful energy from all of you will be just amazing.
  11. We have made about 290 moras including sarees, dupattas, stoles, shawls, kalyanis(sarees for little girls), home furnishings (curtains and cushion covers), mekhela chadors (assam) and kalidaars (kalidaar ghagra, dupatta, kurti/bouse fabric)
  12. mora buyers can take home a maximum of 4 moras so more people can join the firefly gang.
  13. There is no exhibition planned in any location as of now and if something happens it will most likely be in Bangalore. This is yet to be confirmed. IT WILL ONLY BE AN ONLINE SALE THIS YEAR so far.
  14. Payments in India can be made through online bank transfer or cheque deposit. For International buyers, you can pay using paypal, online bank transfer or Western Union. International cheques will not be accepted.
  15. We all need to do this together and any support from people on Facebook is most welcome. Any amount of organising still falls short every time, so please bear with me and join this flow. It is a bit mad and crazy but I don't wish to make it a mechanical buy-sell process through online retail process. The interaction must happen and the love must be shared and carried forward.
mora on facebook
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